5 lasting ways to boost your confidence after your boudoir shoot

5 lasting ways to boost your confidence after your boudoir shoot

Our boudoir shoots are so amazing for making you feel more confident, not only in how you look, but how you feel too. I have met some wonderful women over the years who also do wonders for women’s self-esteem and offer more of that feel-good factor!
Here are 5 other amazing confidence-boosting ideas to get you even more excited about life.
1. Fine-tune your style and find out which colours really make you ‘pop’! 
Harry Purewal – House of Colour
I went to see Harry back in March and what she taught me that day has revolutionised how I choose to dress and has re-ignited my desire to effortlessly look the best possible version of myself every day. Harry is a Colour & Style Consultant for House of Colour, who specialises in a detailed analysis of the undertones of your skin to determine which colour palettes suit you best, as well how to the style yourself to compliment your personality type and body shape. It was the most fascinating day learning about myself and how I can convey who I am more authentically through what I wear. Now I know exactly what to look for in the shops, the knowledge saves time, money and effort, which has made me so incredibly excited about shopping again, I just love it! If you would like to know more about developing your style or finding out which colour colour season you are please contact Harry at harry.purewal@houseofcolour.co.uk or 07801203341. She is based in Durkar, Wakefield. She currently has an offer on until December 10th for the colour consultation for £100 (instead of £140) with £20 voucher towards make-up too.
2. Find the perfect lingerie with a personal fitting.
Natalie Mosley Lucy May Lingerie
Take the time out to really empower yourself with perfectly fitted lingerie. Natalie hosts fitting parties to give you the one-on-one time you need to find the perfect shape and size lingerie for you.
“I have women attend a fitting who are wearing bras that affect their posture and create indents in their skin and generally make the lady look awkward in stature and uncomfortable. The moment a lady is fitted in the correct sized lingerie she ‘feels’ it! The comfort factor is apparent immediately and the woman radiates from within. She instantly wants to look at herself.”
If you would like to know more about it please contact Natalie at natalie@lucymaylingerie.com. She is based in Sheffield, but travels around Yorkshire.
3. Take up dancing!
Vanessa Matthews – Flamenco de Leeds
I can’t recommend a more empowering form of dance than Flamenco. My very good friend Vanessa loves it so much she went into business with Flamenco de Leeds, which offers events and workshops in and around Leeds to bring Flamenco and a taste of Spanish passion to all. If you can clap your hands you can be involved.
“After my first child was born, my body performed a miracle, then broke – completely. Having been consumed with attachment parenting and lack of mobility, for a time I lost my confidence in my body and began to see my weight gain as something to be ashamed of. Then starting back dancing Flamenco again reignited my joy and respect for my body. The rhythms consume you, astound you, and the shapes your body makes and the emotion the dance can stir in you makes you totally forget that parts of you wobble now. When you are creating art and passion who notices a wobbly arm, a dimpled thigh or a mummy tummy, and who cares if they do?! I can recommend Flamenco as a way to reconnect with your inner diva and show the world how magnificent you are.”
If you would like to know more about it please contact Vanessa at flamencody@gmail.com.
4. Learn how to do your make-up like a pro!
Alisabeth Collings Make-up artist

If like me, you’ve always admired beautiful make-up artistry, but not really known how to achieve it for yourself, treat yourself to a lesson. One-on-one training is completely invaluable, as Lissie will show you not only how to achieve what you want to achieve, but also where you are going wrong. She watches and guides, educates and inspires. An investment in skills you’ll never forget or regret having learnt! Email Alisabeth at alisabeth.collingsmakeup@gmail.com. Based in Brierley, Barnsley, but travels around Yorkshire.

5. Have a confidence-coaching session with Lisa Walker – White Apple Thinking

“As a confidence and personal development coach I work with professional women helping them to become the very best version of themselves. Working with clients, helping them to change their behaviour patterns, bust their limiting beliefs and make lasting, positive changes is what drives me and my business.

I suffered with crippling low self esteem and a lack of self worth for many years and it’s by using my own strategies, my life experiences, the countless hours of training and personal development together with my fabulous intuition that enables me to help and support my clients through some major shifts on their personal and professional journey.”

My top 5 quick tips to instantly boost confidence are:

#1 Watch your posture! When we are nervous or feeling unconfident we tend to shrink, rolling our shoulders forward, making ourselves smaller and often lowering our head in the process. If you catch yourself doing this, make a conscious effort to sit or stand tall, draw your shoulders back, lift your head, look around and smile! It’s not rocket science but it will instantly lift your spirits and make you more approachable, particularly important if you are attending an interview or important meeting!

#2 Listen to music! Find your kind of music and be sure to listen to it in the car or on the train to whatever meeting or interview you are attending. Make a playlist of songs that lift you up. I actually have a playlist on my phone called ‘Happy’!

#3 Surround yourself with positivity I can’t stress this enough, being around positive people will make you feel so much better than being around d those that have a problem for every solution. Get familiar with those that are your ‘mood hoovers’. These are the people that suck life from you, they appear in all areas of your life, love to gossip and whinge and often can’t see the good in most things. It’s impossible to remove them completely from your life but once you’re aware of who they are you can be selective on how much you let them into your world.

#4 Read, watch, listen & learn Personal development is a way of continuously improving who you are, how you think and behave. Find the way that suits you best, it may be reading, you may prefer audio books or even videos or podcasts. Whatever your preference ask friends and people you admire what self help/personal development resources they have used and would recommend. There’s something out there for everyone!

#Be honest with yourself! If you understand yourself you have a better chance of overcoming anything. Whether that crippling shyness, a lack of confidence or a problem with self esteem. Becoming aware of what triggers you, how your behaviour affects your future and your relationships and how you are feeling are all the starting points for making huge leaps personally and professionally. Self awareness is key to making positive changes but you have to cut through the stories you’ve been telling yourself, possibly for years and be really honest with yourself.

Lastly, enjoy the journey! 

Contact Lisa on 07525 843015 or email lisa.walker@whiteapplethinking.co.uk  

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