Anniversary Gift Ideas - Boudoir style!

Anniversary Gift Ideas – Boudoir style!

I celebrated my 5th wedding Anniversary last week with my gorgeous husband. Can’t quite believe it’s been 5-years already!

For our first anniversary we went back to Hazlewood Castle, where we got married to have an Anniversary shoot with a photographer I adore, Catherine Kerr from Eyecapture photography. It was a great excuse to put the dress on one more time and he didn’t take as much convincing as I thought he might. It was a fantastic experience!

Have you ever thought of inviting your husband to join you in a couples shoot for an Anniversary? Take a look at our couples shoots here… I actually photographed Catherine and her husband, so you can have a sneak peek at hers too.

The first year Anniversary is ‘Paper‘, so it was perfect for us to print some of our gorgeous portraits as our first gift to each other.

It got me thinking of other ideas for you to create a boudoir gift for an Anniversary. 

2nd Anniversary is ‘Cotton‘, perfect for a canvas!

Third is ‘Leather’, which could work for an album cover or our secret box.

Fourth is ‘Linen‘ and we have a beautiful hand-crafted linen album like this, which you can personalise on the front and back.

Fifth is ‘Wood‘ perfect for a frame or our secret box, which has wood around the edges. 

The list goes on, whatever the Anniversary, if you like, like me to tailor it to the traditional element, we can find a way to do it!

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I couldn’t resist sharing a photo from our actual wedding day too…