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“Helen, that was SO MUCH FUN. I didn’t want it to end!!! Can’t thank you enough… you work magic with the camera”  Helen, York

“You brought out a sexuality I never knew I had. Thank you so much, I felt and looked amazing!”  Tess, Barnsley

“From start to finish I felt so at ease. I hope my hubby-to-be enjoys them as much as I enjoyed having them taken ” Lisa, Worksop

“Thank you so much, you have made my confidence soar!”  Fiona, Wombwell

“What a fantastic experience, thank you so much, I felt sexy and alive, you’re so easy going ” Clare, Royston

“I had an incredible time. After the first few awkward shots, you end up forgetting about trying too hard to look pretty or hiding parts of your body and you just go with it. Helen is great at directing you and getting the shots in between poses which sometimes end up being the best ones. Looking at my photos was surreal. I recognised the person in the photos as me, but I looked different, more confident, bold, amazing! It was crazy. I really struggled to pick which photo’s I wanted to have printed. I massively, completely and totally recommend that every single person has a photo-shoot with Helen at some point in their life, and the sooner the better. It was so liberating and empowering. Helen is great at giving words of encouragement and praise. Your body is all you have, so you need to love all of it and own all of it, every bump, scar or freckle. When you hear a photographer shouting ” Ahh, that is beautiful!, WOW, look at you!”  it’s very difficult not to believe how amazing you look.” Maria, Sheffield

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