Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot in Barnsley

Bridal Boudoir Shoot Inspiration

Bridal boudoir shoots are really popular at our photography studio in Barnsley. They are a fabulous wedding gift for the husband-to-be, as we make it so personal and it isn’t something you can just go and buy from the shops. Just knowing what effort and courage it has taken to create this wedding gift makes it even more special.
“What can I say…? He was blown away by the photographs!! He couldn’t believe it, huge suprise and shock – which is exactly how it should be! He LOVES them, they’re on a special shelf in his office!
He wants me to do it all the time, so next time we have a big event – anniversary or 30th birthday or something I’m sure I’ll be back! The box is beautiful too, really classy! Absolutely over the moon! Thank you for making me feel so amazing and thank you for the perfect wedding present for my new hubby!”

We love to add in anything that will make him smile. We often incorporate something he loves or something meaningful to them as a couple and have some fun with it. The little things are what makes it special, add in the wow-factor and you have a fantastic wedding gift! 

We have some beautiful albums and a secret box, which are in the perfect style for a wedding gift. A couple of brides-to-be have written ‘meet me at the altar’ on the cover of their album. Others have customised the colour of the cover/bow to match their bridesmaids.

“Brilliant experience!! Helen is great at calming you down, making you feel at ease so you look relaxed in your photographs. My shoot was for wedding gift to my husband who loved it and he couldn’t believe I’d done it for him. And you don’t have to be skinny Minnie to get gorgeous shots!! Xx”

Getting married or know someone who is? I have some more fantastic ideas on how to create the most perfect gift for your husband-to-be. Email me on or give me a buzz on 07957337198. I won’t bite, honestly!