Couples photo shoots are all about capturing your special relationship with each other. We always start out with beautiful traditional portraits, the type your Mum would like to keep. It is totally up to you if you’d like to try some classy skin-to-skin portraits together, but the option is there is you would like to. The experience includes a full professional make-over for you and around 1-2 hour photo-shoot for £80.
Couples photo shoots in Yorkshire by Masque
Partner photo shoots
Treasured photos together as a couple
Couples photo shoot
Couples photo experience to treasure

Helen had had her own boudoir shoot and came back to see us with her husband. Convinced by the promise of a nice meal out afterwards, Helen managed to get him here. Oh and it was a birthday present to herself, so how could he refuse!

Couples photo shoots in Barnsley
Couples photography session
Couples photo shoot session

This gorgeous couple came as a 30th wedding Anniversary gift to themselves. They really were both obviously still madly in love with each other and had so many lovely memories together. The guitar was special to them as he had serenaded her when they first met. She also wore a dress he had driven to London especially to buy for her too and they dared to try some shirt-less shots too, which worked wonderfully. A shoot I will never forget!

Couples photo shoot in Barnsley
Photo shoot for partners by Masque
Couples Shoot
Partners photo shoot sessions
Couples photo shoot experience

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