I felt fat, frumpy and not fanciable – The photo-shoot changed that!

I felt fat, frumpy and not fanciable – The photo-shoot changed that!

Best friends Debbie and Jo came to enjoy the afternoon with us in January. Debbie (below) had just turned 41 and said to me she just thought If I don’t do it now, when am I! She decided she’d like to do some nude shots, so we did some with the white sheet to cleverly conceal her, but still show she was nude, as well as some completely naked on her front. Not too many ladies choose to do nude, but when they do, I can tell they feel really liberated by the whole experience, its amazing!





” I felt fat, frumpy and not fanciable, the shoot changed all that! The whole experience and makeover by Alisabeth was amazing. It felt totally liberating to do some nude shots, I loved it!. Helen made me smile, something I don’t usually like about myself, but I really like how she has captured genuine happiness in my expression.”

This is Jo, she had lost an incredible 14-stone and came to feel more confident in her new skin. She brought her husbands favourite outfits, including this high-hipped lace body, over the knee boots and one of his white shirts. My aim was to create a gorgeous dip at her waist back up to her hips, so I hid her arm behind her back so you could see it to the fullest. The idea with the boots was to highlight her legs and those amazing heels, so I got down low and turned her boot to the side to capture the heel. Needless to say he loved them all!

Sometimes in life you forget how beautiful you are and these photo-shoots are just the thing to give you the boost you need to feel it again.

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