A Bridal Boudoir Wedding Gift

“I never believed I could do this!”

Marianne created a really touching wedding gift for her husband, which brought her to tears in the studio and him when he opened it! She kindly answered a few questions about her body confidence and the gift he’ll never forget here…

1. How do you feel about your body, What do you love about it? 

There isn’t much that I like about my figure and have never been confident with my appearance so deciding to do the shoot was a very difficult decision. My now husband knew how I felt and never believed that I would ever do anything like it. I was worried that I wasn’t going to like the photos and seeing lumps and bumps on camera made me think really hard about whether I could actually go through with it. Talking through what I wanted and why I was doing it at the start brought me to tears, but I need not have worried though as Helen talked me through poses and after seeing a glimpse of the first picture she took I actually got some confidence. I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would have done and really pleased with most of the photos and even proud that the hubby loves showing them off!

2. Has having a shoot changed your feelings about your body? 

I’m still not body confident but if I’m having a bad day I’ll look at the pictures and realise that I can be sometimes.

3. How did you feel about being semi-naked on set? 

It was a very strange experience at the start but once you’re in the flow of things it doesn’t really matter that you’re in just your knickers or in my case my wedding veil and shoes as Helen made you feel so confident. It’s a very private thing and I felt confident sharing the experience

4. What is your best tip for preparing for a shoot? What did you do? 

It was difficult preparing as I did my shoot on a Sunday morning so had to get everything ready whilst the hubby to be was at work on the Saturday night (shoes, lingerie etc.), hide it in the car and make excuses for the morning! I made sure in the weeks leading up to it I took extra care of my skin, didn’t eat anything that I knew would make me feel bloated and the night before did a bit of pampering with good exfoliate, bit of a tan and a good night’s sleep! I did also try on all my combinations of shoes, lingerie and accessories to see what I liked best and felt more confident in. However anything I might have done in terms of poses etc. went out of the window as on the day Helen gets you in the right positions and poses to make the most of your body.

5. How did your husband react to receiving your bridal boudoir album as a wedding gift? 

Once I’d picked the album up I couldn’t wait to give it him. I couldn’t wait until the wedding to give it him so the couple of days before I gave in and gave it to him. He was speechless which for him was a first…he saw the first picture then just stared at the pages not believing it was me. He won’t mind me saying it reduced him to tears as he knew what I had done for him. He never thought that I’d have ever done anything like that. He’s so proud of the pictures now he has them as his screen savers on his phone for everyone to see.

6. Would you recommend the experience? Why? 

Definitely. You don’t have to be supermodel skinny or anything and it’s such a liberating experience. Even one of my friends has now done it after me talking about it. I wasn’t going to tell anyone I’d done it but I became so proud of the photos I’d definitely recommend it.