Meet Helen

Hi, I’m Helen

I created my exclusive boudoir photography studio back in 2009 after having my daughter Scarlett. I wanted to have the flexibility of bringing her up myself and doing something I really loved too.

Boudoir and women’s portraiture has been my focus ever since. I literally am living the life I dreamed about back when she was born.

It is a real pleasure for me to show you how beautiful you really are. I have so many fabulous stories to share with you, you can read about here.

I am often told how comfortable I make everyone feel, which is amazing, as it really helps me to capture you looking completely at ease. If you are worried about anything I will be there for you like a friend. I will advise and give you direction through-out and believe me when I say we will have a fantastic time together, we will!

When I had my own boudoir shoot, it gave me a deeper sense of belief in myself, which boosted my confidence in my relationships, as well as my business. You can’t fail to notice the amazing high my clients feel after their shoots, it’s truly amazing!

I would love to show you what we can do for you. If you’d like to get in touch I can send you all the tips and wardrobe suggestions to ensure you have an incredible experience. You can also subscribe to our newsletter here for more tips and stories too.

See you soon

“I promise to make you feel completely comfortable and really enjoy every second of your shoot”