How amazing is this lady, having lost 6.5 stone, she not only totally changed how she looked, but how she felt about herself too. Her confidence grew and she said the shoot was a chance for her to show who she was and feel empowered.

Alex is a married Mum and is a nail technician, fitness instructor and network marketer for forever living. She did a deep cleanse before her shoot. A nine day programme called the C9 from forever, which she said made her feel really confident and at her best on the day. If you’d like to know more just let me know.


“Time To Reflect. I look back on this picture & don’t even recognise the girl on the left but I know I had to be her to become the person I am today! Now I see courage, pride, strength & determination when I look at this picture & it makes me realise everything in our pasts just prepares us for our future! The secret is to LET IT, don’t fight it, embrace it as difficult as it may be & know you’ll be stronger for it in the end!! Life’s not about what we weigh, look like or what we have in any material form. It’s about who we are inside, how we react when life gets tough & the wonderful people we surround ourselves with! Celebrate the blessings, there’s Always Something to be thankful for!?? Be proud of every part of yourself!!?

Through-out the shoot she said she felt really feminine and confident and was blown away by the photos. As she’d just hit her thirties, she said she knew when she is older she’d be so glad she had the experience!

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