“I still smile, I can’t believe it is me and that is what the camera saw, it’s fabulous!”

MakeoverIt is fair to say Beverley and I had an incredible experience together. She said she had a few nerves when she first came, (this is totally normal btw) as she didn’t quite know what to expect. The very first shot above came just after I teased her about her gripping on to her arm for dear life and she burst out laughing. This set the tone of the shoot. By the end she was sat practically naked on a chair kicking her legs up and throwing her head back laughing! They are brilliant, honestly.

She has one of those bubbly personalities, which is infectious. It is something I love to convey in my work, a sense of you and who you are. I don’t believe Boudoir has to be all pouting!

“When my husband saw me later, the first thing he said to me was that I looked different and it wasn’t just my make-up. He said I looked confident and sexy and I felt it too!”

boudoir-photography2masque-photography“Helen made the whole experience absolutely fabulous. She has an amazing talent. She made me feel totally relaxed and very at ease.”


This hat has a story. She had haggled so well when buying it in Thailand, that he just gave in and sold it at her price, hilarious. So she had to get it in somewhere. It just happened to match one of her outfits too, much to my delight.


boudoir beverleychoices-10-of-20

This chair shot was inspired by an iconic photo Beverley liked. You may have seen it before, where the lady is sat on the chair backwards like this.



“2-weeks later and I’m here looking at my amazing photos and still feeling absolutely awesome. Exuding something different – a new level of confidence! It’s such an experience you can’t even explain to people how it makes you feel”

She has stuck a photo up at work in her office as a constant reminder and is planning on getting a few put on canvas for her new Orangery. I have asked for an invite when they are all on the wall!

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