“As a single mum, I never felt I had the money or time to focus on me. My son recently turned 18 and moved away to Uni, I realised that one of roles (as a Mum) was no longer in full time use. That’s when I contacted Helen and told her I was ready to do the shoot. I have known her a long time, but just didn’t feel I had the confidence to do it for many years. I talked myself in and out of it a lot, but decided I wanted to do it for body confidence.

After seeing the photos and an amazing day (if a bit longer than an average shoot – we were chatting a lot!) I realised my role as Clare and wife was back. I will always be a Mum, but I have more time to be Clare too! It’s been so incredible, as it has given me the body confidence I lacked for so many years. I absolutely loved it!”

Clare speaks about her motivation behind coming for a photo-shoot at this point in her life.

This is how she was feeling straight afterwards…

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