Deanna’s shoot was all about enhancing her confidence and getting back a little bit of sparkle she had lost. The difference when I saw her again at the reveal session was incredible!
“I went into it feeling completely down on myself and just not confident in the way I looked. It affected me so much, I wouldn’t even look in the mirror. I hated what I saw.
Then I did the shoot, and wow. I felt amazing. Confident, beautiful and sexy. I was me again. I lost so much of me that it was unreal to have the old me back. I walked away a new person.”

I always say to people please bring what you like to wear. We have a visual wardrobe guide in which we suggest bringing a pair of heels (If you’d like a copy please get in touch here). Deanna however isn’t really a heels kind-of-girl, so we suggested she brought what she does like to wear, which happened to be her converse lace-up boots. We matched them up with her red-chequered shirt and and leather jacket and without doubt these are incredible shots of her. I love them because they encapsulate her and her sense of style. The red kimono she spotted on our rail of temptations in the studio and right at the end of the shoot she blew me away with this, well hello, how smoking!!



“Helen was just the best. Instantly I was comfortable and just at ease with it. She never put me into something I wasn’t comfortable with. It was all my ideas and comfort level. A depiction of who I am in photos. I can not push this enough! It’s something everyone should do with Helen.”






This was the perfect tonic for Deanna to feel more like herself again. Could you do with an extra bit of sparkle? We can help you get it! Call me personally on 07957337198 for a free consultation or subscribe to our mailing list here.