Ethel first came to see us in June last year, when she had green hair. This time around she was having break from her vivid colour and our make-up artist Alisabeth Collings, created a different look for her.

“I came because I was feeling quite disconnected to my body and I have always suffered with low self-esteem. From the last time I came I felt beautiful for the first time ever and it was a feeling that lasted for months.

Even now when I am feeling low I get out the photos and have a look to pick me up. I was less nervous this time and I felt more confident to bring my own ideas and suggestions and knew Helen would work with me to achieve them. I absolutely love my photos and I’m already coming up with ideas for a third shoot… more fairy lights!!”

Ethel had researched some ideas of her own for this shoot and was showing me her ideas on her phone. The first had her holding a cup of tea from above, which we did against a beautiful old background I’d forgotten about with a vintage rose on it.

Another of her ideas incorporated fairy lights, so I dug out a LED rope light I had and we wrapped it around her in different ways to create the shots below. We could have spent all day experimenting with it, it worked so well, but we had more ideas to try!

I love finishing with a realistic laughing shot with loads of personality, so I asked her if she’d like to wear the red leather jacket she came in and her quirky earrings, very her and we did our best at attempting to laugh when there really wasn’t anything funny to laugh at apart from me!! I think we managed it though! Another of her passions is Star Trek, so it was very apt to finish with her favourite Star Trek top. 

I would like to thank Ethel for giving us permission to share her story and images with you and Charlotte Elizabeth Photography, who shot the behind-the-scenes. If you’d like to discuss your ideas with us please call to arrange a free consultation on 07957337198 or email You can also join our mailing list here.