Hi Mel thanks so much for allowing us to share your experience and photos with everyone. I know you followed our page for a quite a while before, why did you decide now was the time for you to come?

I decided that now was the right time as I have had a tough time with my health (diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour) and really needed a boost to my confidence. I was struggling with the changes my body was going through and no longer liked the person I saw in my mirror.

So tell us how did you find the day itself?

On the day of the shoot I arrived extremely nervous but soon relaxed with the help of Helen, who talked me through every step of the day, she made sure I was comfortable with everything she had planned out. I began to realise that the day was actually going to not only be fun but teach me a lot about myself.

Did you tell your husband you were coming?

Yes, he was really supportive of my decision to have a boudoir shoot done and was over the moon with the end result. The album is simply exquisite I just love it 😊 xxxx

Do you have any advice or tips for anyone thinking of coming along?

If I were to give advice to anyone unsure whether to do this I would say you just have to go for it. Everyone has things they don’t like about their bodies, but having these photos will show you just how gorgeous you really are. The camera never lies and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Your mantra of doing whatever you want to do regardless of what anyone else might think is really inspiring. Do you have anymore exciting things you’d like to do?

It has spurred me on to want to do other things in my life that I’ve never done and visit places I’ve never seen. I haven’t any plans to put in there yet though.

And lastly, what effect has the whole experience had on you?

I know I haven’t got a model body, but from doing this boudoir shoot I gained the boost I needed and I am proud of who I am xxx

Massive respect and love to Mel, thank you so much!

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