“When I went for a photo shoot with Helen I had no idea what to expect. Despite working as a television journalist for years, I’ve always been rather nervous in front of the camera. The experience with Helen was totally different. She has an amazing personality and makes you feel unique and special. It’s contagious how much she loves taking the pictures so I felt beautiful, happy and relaxed. As a result I’ve got photos I love and am proud to show to everyone. It has also completely changed the way I feel about being in front of a camera and that’s a little miracle.” –  Sigga (55) from Iceland.

Sigga1“When I saw the photos Helen had taken of me, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Was this really me? I was so happy with the images I eventually decided to post some on Facebook. I’ve never gotten as much attention, love and likes. It was an amazing experience. SiggaPaper

A newspaper even picked one of them up to publish with an interview. Now a group of people in Iceland of all places adore Helen’s work and some might even travel to the UK to have their photos taken”




Above are from her first boudoir shoot last year and below are from her contemporary portrait shoot, June 2016.

Sigga4 Sigga5 Sigga6 Sigga7Sigga9MasqueEXTRA

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