Rocking it out - Boudoir style!

Rocking it out – Boudoir style!

This amazing lady met her partner met through their love of heavy metal music, so it was very apt that we included one of his guitars in her photo-shoot. I asked her what music she’d like playing during the shoot and she said she’d take it easy on me and go for Bon Jovi! Yes we had a good laugh together! Thank goodness she didn’t say Megadeath, god knows what her photos would have turned out like if we had that on! Anyway if you have the time, I would love you to read her story about the build-up to her boudoir photo-shoot (3-years to be exact!)

“I first found out about Helen via an ex-colleague who had taken the plunge (pun intended) on a boudoir shoot. The finished album was incredible, sexy, tastefully done and my friends confidence was through the roof. I still didn’t book one for me lol. It was something I had given thought to but being plus size I always thought ‘nah, not happening’

So fast forward a couple of years to a new bloke who is far more appreciative of the female curves than my ex husband ever was, which helps my confidence and the Lucy May lingerie launch night. My afore mentioned friend again took the plunge and modelled on the catwalk. If I thought her confidence was through the roof before, she was now in space lol.

I went with another friend of mine, who had a shoot done herself elsewhere (she’s not local) and she was raving at me to get one done, even offering to pay half, bless her, because “you don’t see just how beautiful you are and you need to see what we all see” so we spoke to Helen at the end of the night who was so upbeat and genuine. She said she would love to do a shoot with me, so off I went home to discuss the possibility with my fella, who was very excited at the prospect of seeing his lady in some tasteful sexy pictures.

Fast forward again to shoot day, I was so nervous it was silly but once I was there and the lingerie was unpacked and hung up, those nerves had gone. Helen is just so relaxed about the whole thing, she takes so much pride in her work and it is clear to see that she genuinely enjoys her work of showing women how gorgeous we all are.

My confidence has increased to ridiculous proportions, I have a set of the most amazing photos everyone of which is all me, no silly amounts of airbrushing to make this plus size look smaller, no concrete thick make up that tries to change my face. We had loads of fun shooting and on the day of the photo viewing both me and my fella were in awe and it was so difficult to choose that we ended up getting a package with 20 images when I thought I would come away with maybe 3 or 4 good ones lol.

I can’t stop looking at them to be honest, I was even so happy with them I showed my parents (yes dad included) well I may have left a few out lol don’t want any heart attacks now do we?

I think I need to save up for another set of pictures, I think I have the bug lol!”

The way we look at boudoir photography is that everyone is unique and so should your images be. We want to capture the essence of you and your style in your photographs, something I take great pride in being able to achieve. If you feel inspired why don’t get in touch here