What will you take away from a photo-shoot with us?

What will you take away from a photo-shoot with Masque Photography?

Four women tell their story about the positive effect the photo-shoots had on them…

The wonderful thing about having a photo-shoot is that not only are they great fun, but the confidence boost from the experience lasts! The confidence transfers to how you feel in every aspect of your life and has made a huge difference to so many of my clients, it’s amazing!

We asked Jo, a business consultant from North Lincolnshire, what her photo-shoot had done for her and she said…

It has given me increased confidence in my looks and re-affirmed what my husband could see in me. I was on a high for weeks after the shoot. When I have a bad time now and self doubt creeps in, I look back at the pictures of me smiling!

Lara is a married Mum of 4 from York. She bit the bullet and came for a shoot after her husband encouraged her to stop waiting and just do it!

“I turned 40 last year and I’d toyed with the idea of doing a boudoir shoot for a while, but wanted to wait until I lost some weight. My husband persuaded me, however to just do it now as I am….and I’m SO glad I did. It has really been such a confidence boost, to see yourself through others’ eyes, and whenever I think of the beautiful photos Helen shot, I hold my head higher, have a little smile to myself, and feel so much more confident, which really is completely priceless.

After reading Helen’s reviews, I was hopeful, but had no idea just how thrilled I would be with the results.  I would really, really recommend Helen’s shoots, for the stunning results and for the long-lasting effect that comes with seeing yourself in this way. Something I will always treasure and never forget.

Deanna, 22 from Sheffield wasn’t feeling herself and came to see us to give her her sparkle back. She said this…

“I went into it feeling completely down on myself and just not confident in the way I looked. It affected me so much, I wouldn’t even look in the mirror. I hated what I saw. Then I did the shoot, and WOW. I felt amazing. Confident, beautiful and sexy. I was me again. I lost so much of me that it was unreal to have the old me back. I walked away a new person.”

Jac from Barnsley runs ‘The Unique Gift Co.’ with her husband and wanted to conquer her fear of the camera not only for herself, but for her business. She said….

“I got in touch with Helen when I realised that my fear of the camera was holding me back from marketing my business and myself as an artist. My customers needed to know who I was yet my website and social media were faceless, as I shied away from featuring myself directly. I decided I had to face my fear and knew Helen was just the person to help me out.

Her home studio is relaxed and informal, and her gentle nature soon put me at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and love my photos. I’m starting to feel more confident about the whole idea of having my photograph taken. I’ve still some way to go before I truly conquer my fear, but the first battle was certainly won!”


I am so pleased to hear she feels more confident to be in front of the camera now. The biggest hurdle has been breached and now that she has done it once, it is sure to be easier the second time around!

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